“I was confused and angry when I learned that Bank of America planned to charge me $5.00 a month to use my debit card. It's my money. I'm not borrowing it. So I got a new bank. You can, too!"
Who are we?
We are several former customers of Bank of America who are outraged at the greed of the bankers.

We include people skilled in lobbying - one of us is a former president of the American League of Lobbyists and another worked on Capitol Hill on Senate banking, securities and finance laws.

We are a committee of USApac, a political group organized under Internal Revenue Code Section 527.

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Had enough?
Greed and huge bonuses for bankers! Arrogance and nickel-and-dining customers! Had enough? Do something about it.

The people who foreclosed on thousands of mortgages by using auto-signature machines, with incompetent human review, have caused pain and heartbreak for thousand of families. Now they want to charge customers for using their own money! The plan to add a monthly fee of $5.00 to debit cards is outrageous and just one more sign of the short-sighted managers by senior officers of Bank of America,

If we do not stop Bank of America, then other banks will follow along the greedy path. Bank of America recently posted third-quarter net income of $6.23 billion.

It's our money! Stop the rip-off! Join our lobbying effort today to force Bank of America to roll back the debit card fee. Sign our pledge in the column at the right and, please, make a contribution to our lobbying efforts.

Washington lobbying is expensive and the banks know it. They figure that people will just go ahead and pay the fees.

And bank officers will get bigger bonuses.

Please join our efforts on your behalf. We will keep you posted on our progress! Thank you!

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STOP Bank of America

I support your efforts to make it unlawful for banks like Bank of America to impose unfair fees on debit cards.

I support your work to make banks like Bank of America responsible for restitution to borrowers who had a mortrgage foreclosed unfairly or unlawfully.

I support your lobbying to require that a bank officer - not a robo-signature machine - be required to sign all papers requiring a signature, with the signing officer being personally responsible for any errors or omissions by the bank.

I agree that the bonuses and salaries being paid to many bankers are way out of line, especially when their banks cause such misery for their own customers.

I will join your lobbying effort to force the banks to cut bonuses and salaries for all officers.

I will help you carry this message to my Senators and Congressperson.

You can count on me!

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I will make a contribution to your efforts on behalf of all bank customers. (See the center column.)
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